Morning Spy
Morning Spy
Label: Abandoned Love Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Morning Spy is a San Francisco-based indie pop band invested in electric guitar textures and fuzzy, yet intricate songwriting. The Silver Age, set for release by KEEP Recordings and the newborn Abandoned Love Records in February 2005, marks the point at which the bands' ambition and insticts intersect their execution. The Silver Age draws from much of the modern history of outsider pop, at times evoking early 70's glitter rock, reverb-drenched dream pop, the lo-fi sentiment, heady soundscapes and occasional bombast. From the crashing arc of "Princess Vancouver" to the peircing guitar solo that closes "Voices & Vigils", The Silver Age is loaded with enough thoughtful excess and swirling artifice to hint at such descriptors as concept album and magnum opus. Jon Rooney and Mark Loftin formed Morning Spy as a recording project over the summer of 2001, adding Allison Goffman soon thereafter and guitarist James Spadaro in the summer of 2003. Morning Spy's debut LP, Subsequent Light, was released in January 2004 to modest obscurist acclaim, receiving positive reviews and eventually earning a spot on a handful of "best of 2004" lists. The now sold out, limited edition Two Horses EP was released by KEEP Recordings in June 2004 to even better reviews. The Silver Age was recorded at Tiny Telephone by Aaron Prellwitz and Closer Studios by Glynn Durham in San Francisco and mixed by Prellwitz at Tiny Telephone. Myles Boisen mastered the disc, which the band considers their high water mark.