Teri Falini
Teri Falini
Label: Radio Star Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


It takes a bold artist to solely stand in the spotlight. It’s obvious that artists like Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, et al play with a band. But who pays attention to their backup crew? All hype and criticism rest on the front woman. Can she write? Can she sing? For Teri Falini, the answer is yes on both counts. She’s got the lovely, deep croon of Kim Deal and the sultry slur of Coutney Love (minus the frog-throated grumbling). Her voice is at ease in both a loud and quiet setting; like many alterna-vixens before her, her soft tones lull you in, and her “Women are sex fiends too” lyrics slap your slack-jawed face. All tracks have their moments (the musical accompaniment to “Lick My Wounds” is a rather nice backdrop, come to think of it), but “Upside Down” quite nearly reaches hit potential.