The Crystal Method
Label: Ultra Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Breaking out of Las Vegas in the early Nineties, The Crystal Method, (Ken Jordan, and Scott Kirkland) have been mainstays on the American electronic music scene for nearly a decade. Their debut 1994 City of Angels single "Now Is the Time" was one of the first to match the triumphant buzz of techno with chunky hip-hop beats and provocative sound bites. The release of the band's full-length debut, Vegas, in 1997 sealed the band's worldwide profile, spawning blockbuster singles like "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" and "Busy Child," followed by a flurry of remix projects for the likes of Moby and DJ Keoki.

The Crystal Method's willingness to experiment and expand their sound to encompass different genres has made them one of the most widely known and respected electronic groups in the world. They have sold millions of records world wide, and in 2004 they received three Dancestar Music Awards: for best act, best album (Legion of Boom), and best single ("Born Too Slow"). That same year they were nominated for a Grammy for "Best Electronic/Dance Album" -- the first year that the category was introduced at the Grammy's.

The Crystal Method has challenged the mainstream's pre-conceived notions of what an electronic band can be, and their live shows during 1999's Family Values tour have proven they can stand toe to toe with rock heavyweights like Limp Bizkit, Filter, and Primus. Proving their versatility further, the duo is embarking on a multi city DJ tour in support of Community Service II.