Angeles Drake
Angeles Drake
Label: Threadbare Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The same meditative and patient sentiment enlightens I Wish You Would Come Home Already, angeles drake's debut album. Already established in the Greater Los Angeles area as a contemplative and melodic mix of UK-tinged atmospheric pedal rock and orchestral alternative keyboard pop, the album sees the band cohesive, introspective and self-assured, making this one of the can't missrecords for 2005.

But success has been long and deliberate with angeles drake's story beginning in the summer of 1994 when singer Jon Haskell met guitarist, Marc Herron. "We had an instant connection," says Haskell. "It was before our freshman year of high school and we were both looking to start a band of music we were inspired by. It just so happened that Stone Temple Pilots' Plush was the spark."

Ten years later, 2004 found angeles drake hibernating in their warehouse for a year—writing, rehearsing and recording—and finding their vision and cohesive voice. The resulting album is angeles drake's most enchanting work to date—a symphonic cuff of keyboards, pristinely distorted guitars, mathematical infused drum beats, algorithmically synthetic programming and heartbreakingly soaring anthems. And with themes of found and lost loves, renewed and dying hope, I Wish You Would Come Home Already is a symbol of life incarnate.

The title, I Wish You Would Come Home Already — taken from the Matthew Heller painting which graces the album cover — is a lyrically cyclical album tackling the relevant subject of relationships. The opening track Serpents, begins with the lyrics, "why am I here lying wide awake/sleeping soundly as the earth shakes" and the closing track March, has Haskell shouting, the more you go, the more I wait/I'm losing sleep, losing sleep/are you leaving, are you leaving again." Metaphorically it signifies the beginning and ending of a relationship, but also establishes that relationships are always starting anew. "The theme of relationships is central to this album," says Haskell. "And the album artwork and lyrics are indicative of that. Everything in life is a cycle of learning, growing and building significant relationships. With each record we hope to maintain and continue in that tradition."