Danger Mouse & Murs
Label: Waxploitation Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Danger Mouse had a breakthrough year in 2004. The lauded artist/producer was honored as one of this year's GQ Men of the Year (alongside Kanye West), SPIN named him their "Eccentric Genius of the Year", was hailed as "The Hottest Hip-Hop Producer in the World" by NME, honored with Album of the Year by Entertainment Weekly as well as being added to Q Magazine's "Industry's 100 Most Influential People".

A longtime friend of Definitive Jux leader El-P, rapper Murs came out in the spring of 2003 after nearly a decade of working with various groups in the underground. Based in Los Angeles, his first single was released in 1993, a self-released album from his first group, 3 Melancholy Gypsies. The track barely made a dent, but it did catch the attention of indie hip-hop fans in the area. Through time the group became friends with Mystik Journeymen, who asked 3MG (their shortened name) to join him when he started the Living Legends collective in 1996. Between both 3MG and the Living Legends, Murs rapped on several influential indie rap albums, appearing on more than 20 records, EPs, and singles within a seven-year period.