Des Ark
Label: Bifocal Media
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Des Ark is the newest addition to the Bifocal Media family. Des Ark delivers the intimidating sexual energy of PJ Harvey, the power of Shellac, and the song writing ability of Blonde Redhead. They refer to Karp, The Need, Polvo, the Minutemen/Watt, Vaz, Spatula, and Maria Teresa Vera as influences.

Des Ark is not a background music kind of band. They are an in your face, "holy shit this is crushingly intense" kind of band. We're honored that they are allowing us to release their music.

As a two-piece, guitar/drum duo we work hard to break down the confines of what is expected, or considered the norm in Independent music. With the mentality that absolutely nothing is sacred, traditional song structures collapse, standard tunings are made obsolete and the elitist dynamic of Performer/Audience relationship is made a little more equal by considering the implications of, and thusly refusing to, place ones self on a pedestal or stage. Des Ark absolutely refuses to rely on their past accomplishments for status or cred, Des Ark will never be one of those x-members of bands. What's done is done and the past is dead and gone leaving us only with the lessons we were given. Drawing on the past for a sense of accomplishment or worth will inevitably lead to complacency.