Custom Made
Custom Made
Label: Custom Made Recordings
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Call it an ode to hip hop. Call it a rhapsodic concept car. Or just call it CUSTOM MADE: a hip hop collective based in Los Angeles and forged from a desire to stay true to the art of rhyme. With its members all being baptized in the Los Angeles battle scene, CUSTOM MADE is composed of seasoned lyricists, many of which have known each other since high school.

Officially formed in 2002, CUSTOM MADE began with four founders -- Sinister Six, B-Love, Element, and Skandalous Scoobs -- but quickly expanded for a fifth member, Aneek, who began his career in the NY hip hop scene. Determined to stay independent,Skandalous Scoobs inevitably established a record label for the group called Custom Made Recordings.

When their first CD, La State of Mind, was released in 2004, hip hop officianados took notice of CUSTOM MADE's powerful flow and it's ability to stand strong without overproduced beats and super-fat basslines. The group kept the production clean, simple, and precise, bringing hip hop back to the words. "You've been warned," commented rap critic Tom Doggett, "Watch out for these guys ... If you want to hear hip hop done right, look no further."