Label: Cake Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Shimmer's rocked up Neo-Soul recalls the bygone era when pop wasn’t just marketing and rock wasn’t just posturing. With soulful vocals and tightly crafted, hook-laden songs, Shimmer’s self-titled debut is refreshingly classic. Bare, no frills production and forceful, rockin’ beats give rise to a “roll your windows down” sexy dance-rock romp. With nods to the likes of Soul greats Al Green and Prince and Pop icons Bowie, Costello, and Michael, at it’s core Shimmer just sounds like a great beat and a guy singing his ass off.

Shimmer started with singer/songwriter Skip Peri. Peri has been praised by the finicky Seattle music press as Seattle’s next worldwide export. Possessing a voice that shifts effortlessly from an angry dismissal to a suggestive come-on, Peri did not spend long unsigned. Comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Prince only fueled the fire. His first album naked (2001, Cake/Exact) was a critical success, making good on his “best kept secret” promise.

When Peri entered the studio to begin his sophomore release for Cake something changed. He picked up the electric guitar, partnering for the first time with bassist Evan Brubaker and drummer Sean Siner. A natural chemistry occurred, inspiring a writing and recording binge that led to nearly 2 albums of new material in just a few sessions. The result has spawned not only a striking indie debut album but covers of Shimmer songs by major label artists to be released later this year.

Produced by The A-Team [Tennis Pro, Joel R.L. Phelps, Holly Figueroa, Edie Carey, and Weather].

Shimmer is Skip Peri (vox + guitars), Evan Brubaker (bass), and Sean Siner (drums).