Mark Mulcahy
Mark Mulcahy
Label: Mezzotint
Genre: Rock / Folk
Online: Artist Website


Clearly expounding the theory that a long-lasting musical career, albeit a commercially unsuccessful one, relies a lot more on feeling rather than surface presentation, Mark Mulcahy is undoubtedly one stubborn anti-visionary. With his early-80s to late-90s years spent fronting much-maligned (and painfully unlucky) folk-rockers Miracle Legion, Mulcahy clearly had no intention of following a linear career path when he released his much-acclaimed solo debut Fathering around 1998. Since then, live shows have been sporadic in number and quality, veering from the snooze-inducing to the sublime. Gaps between releases have grown longer due to a studio work rate that would shame a major label rock behemoth, with 2001’s sophomore Smile Sunset taking exactly a year to record. Evidently Mulcahy is a man steadfastly set on hiding his considerable light under a bushel. But if you can make it past the foggy façade you’re in for a real treat here.

Beneath all this stylistic expansion percolates the comforting wordplay of someone eternally philosophical about life’s curveballs and painfully modest of his own abilities. Mulcahy’s lyrics paint an idealistic picture of isolationistic bliss, where love is always sought but attention is best avoided.