Run Away From The Humans
Run Away From The Humans
Label: Ex011 Records
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Run Away From The Humans was founded in Philadelphia PA by Jason McBride and Marc Chartier in April of 2004. Both coming from separate musical backgrounds, the project was created to bridge the cold and stylish sounds of various Electronic music with the American Indie influences found in both artists.

All throughout the 1990’s, McBride had specialized his interest in Electronic music as a House DJ in the DC and Baltimore underground music scenes. Before moving to Philadelphia he had completed a short lived residency in the southeast section of Washington DC as well as a popular weekly radio program on WVUD in Newark Delaware where he brought in nationally known guests and delivered his constant brand of Deep House and Trance Music. Acting as the only vocalist and main source for electronic sound, his soft and atmospheric vocals are directly influenced by the likes of Neil Tennant and Ian Brown, while his portrayal of powerful and modern synth music drive the electronic base for the project.

Chartier had come to Philadelphia in 2001 from his home in Bellingham Washington. Before helping to create RAFTH, Marc’s experience in the music community had come mostly from his time as a bass player in Jough Dawn Baker, a Seattle based experimental Indie rock band. JDB concentrated most of their efforts on the West Coast scenes from Seattle to San Diego, with small tours across the US in the late 1990’s. Playing in various projects throughout the years, RAFTH is actually the first experience where Chartier was featured as a guitar player. The cross between his gritty and clean guitar style reminiscent of the Northwest music scene and his overpowering effects driven Shoegazer sounds are the main anchor that keeps the RAFTH project remaining true to their Indie roots.

Shortly after it’s formation in 2004, Brian Romaniello became the primary rhythm source for RAFTH which completed the trio and current makeup of the band. Before joining, Brian had spent most of his time around the Philadelphia music scene in various rock-based music projects. He is known for a reserved and often experimental style on minimal acoustic as well as electronic drums which fits perfectly when blended together with the various sounds and rhythms that they feature.

Currently RAFTH remain a strong part of the Philadelphia and East Coast music scenes where they continue to make their mark through their mix of catchy vocals, clever and often powerful electronic loops, and effects driven sounds. Using their brand of Electronic Pop Music with combinations of Indie and Shoegazer style Rock, they have branded themselves as a growing force in the modern day music community.