Label: Gold Standard Laboratories
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


L.A. underground emcee SUBTITLE has been active in the "urban" underworld of Southern California for the going on seven years. Originally involved with the highly-respected Project Blowed crew (Aceyalone, Murs, etc.), and then with Weekend Science Experiment and The ShapeShifters, Subtitle steadily made a name for himself as a truly off-kilter and unpredictable wordsmith and crafter of twisted beats.

While the players of mainstream and indie hip-hop alike were occupying themselves with bling acquisition and image-creation, Subtitle's nose-to-the-grindstone output for years consisted of simple homemade CD's and cassettes with hand-drawn covers, sampling the likes of Sonic Youth rather than the predictable sources such as Funkadelic, etc. His peculiar output and lovable persona, together with his towering 7-foot frame, has made Subtitle a unique and immediately-recognizable presence among his peers. Eventually joining forces with GSL in 2003, Subtitle released the relatively bizarre, undeniably boundary-pushing I'm Always Recovering from Tomorrow EP, which features production from Adlib (aka Thavius Beck, Subtitle's partner in the current Labwaste project).

This was followed by a series of regional tours including 2 weeks supporting The Mars Volta in Europe during the spring of 2003. Subtitle spent the subsequent 18 months slowly crafting a series of new compositions as well as initiating collaborations with a virtual who's-who of California underground hip hop. He released the teaser single "Leave Home" in mid-2004 (a split 12" with Free Moral Agents), which featured the impressive production skills of Omid (Mush Records).