Label: Daemon Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Despite their relatively short time together on our big blue marble, Magnapop have already managed to play the UK's prestigious Reading Festival, crisscross Europe with Sugar, tour America with the Lemonheads, and achieve superstardom in the Benelux. But quite possibly, all of these accomplishments combined are eclipsed by their new disc, Hot Boxing (Priority Records), 14 songs that showcase Magnapop's ability to pull and twist infectious pop songs out of the air like balloon animals.

Linda Hopper sang in the Athenian jingle janglers Oh-OK and spent a short tenure in the band Holiday before growing disenchanted with the Georgia music scene. Around the same time ('89), Ruthie Morris moved to Atlanta from south Florida with a guitar, some strong notions about her next band, and the need for a collaborator. Introduced via mutual friends, the pair hit it off, and soon drew a mental schematic for the band they were destined to form, i.e., the aggression of hardcore but with warm pop melodies. Hopper and Morris then spent the next year fine tuning their material before drummer David McNair and bassist Shannon Mulvaney were added to the fold. The quartet went through a succession of name changes (all documented in their first single "Merry"), before settling on their apropos monicker.

After Magnapop's gig at the 1991 NMS, Ruthie passed out just one demo tape but fate dropped it into the right hands, coming in the form of two Dutch journalists from Oor Magazine. Word of the group circulated around Holland, and it wasn't long before Magnapop found themselves playing "The Year Punk Broke" festival at Rotterdam with Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana. Their show in the small hall went over so well that the following day, Magnapop were invited to play after Smashing Pumpkins and before Sonic Youth on the big stage.