Label: File 13 Records
Genre: Electronic / Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Perhaps Chicago's most innovative act, TRS-80 mixes breakbeat, IDM, old school hip-hop, downtempo, and electro rhythms with analogue synths, samples, and sounds. Amazingly, and unlike most other electronic based projects, TRS-80 is able to perform it all live. Kent Rayhill and Deb Schimmel both commandeer a myriad of keyboards, samplers, and other mysterious gadgets on stage, while drummer Jay Rajeck acts as the human sequencer to a perfectly synched video show projected overhead. Analysis meets artistry in the TRS-80 studio, where these same instruments, along with obscure "found" audio, are recorded and then manipulated to the point of unrecognizable return. This collage of elements and influences puzzles and delights in the clubs and on recorded formats.