CB Radio
CB Radio
Label: Solos Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


CB Radio is one part DRSLONE and one part Mio. DRSLONE is tragically caught between the need to move dancefloors and the need to break hearts, drslone (b. Bret Winans) produces his unusual arrangements from a studio deep within Oakland, California. His electronic compositions extend from a background in live instruments, as young drslone began his education with the saxophone and piano before graduating into the cult of vintage synthesizers and drumkits years later. A vast and diverse collection of dub, disco and electronic vinyl continues to impress itself upon brets artistic instincts, yet it was 90s IDM which paved the way for drslones sound to gradually begin its descent into the bouncing rhythms and dark, serpentine arrangements of today, born of his own cunning electronic impulses, drum programming, live bass and emotive synth tones, played both live and treated with heavy dose of insidious effects. His ever-unfolding production process eventually led the way to his first series of singles for expel records as drslone, as well as contributing work under the assumed monikers of ecru (with eric lendl) and samuel max (with ben winans). Bret is also an active contributor to brookhaven, augmenting its live sound with his synth talents as well as generally conducing the overall studio process, lending drum programming, synthesizer, omni chord and production techniques to the groups recorded output. He is currently at work preparing a new EP for SOLOS records with label/house mate Mio under the moniker cb radio.