Mother Inc.
Mother Inc.
Label: Seven Seven Records
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


When Yvonne Force Villareal and Sandra Hamburg started singing together at the Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1980's, they didn't plan on starting a band.

When they each pursued careers in the arts — Hamburg as a photographer, Force Villareal as an art consultant and public art producer — they didn't plan on starting a band, either.

When they each got married and had babies in their late 30's, they still didn't plan on starting a band.

But after a year performing their song Megacolon with Capitol/EMI artist Fischerspooner in London, Chicago, and LA, and after several successful solo appearances in New York, and after their song "Under The Scalpel" was featured in the fashion brand Tuleh's 2004 Fall runway show at New York's Fashion Week — well, that’s when they decided to make it official and to release the debut album of Mother, Inc.

Mother, Inc. is both a nearly twenty-year-old project, and something brand new. Now in their late 30's,Yvonne and Sandra draw on a huge range of life experience — from ambition and naivete, to aging and Motherhood — to create surprisingly deep, complex, and rich pop music.