Jascha Ephraim
Jascha Ephraim
Label: Exotic Recordings
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


"No matter how you slice it, Jascha Ephraim is an unlikely musical phenomenon." (Mountain Xpress, NC). Maryland born, North Carolina educated, and now relocated to San Francisco, Jascha is a songwriter, musician, producer and performer with a vivid imagination, a sharp wit, and a skill for creating irresistible dance beats. "Ephraim's style is firmly based on the catchiest of post-disco '80's synth-pop..." (Mountain Xpress, NC). His brilliant self-produced, self-titled debut, is the work of a formidable solo artist. The album alternates his songs, which explore subjects that range from riding on the back of a dinosaur to the Columbia space-shuttle disaster, with recordings of himself as a toddler talking into a tape recorder, prompted by his mother and grandmother, illustrating his effortless natural talent for music, wit, and celebrity. His "unrestrained dynamism" has led to riotous performances, noted in the San Francisco Bay Times as provoking "a tidal wave of applause".