Those Peabodys
Those Peabodys
Label: Tiger Style Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Those Peabodys is a four-piece rock band from Austin, Texas. Their second full length, and first for Tiger Style, is a rock and roll party set to crushing beats, cunning bass lines and a twin Les Paul assault. Those Peabodys is a band that's going to come to your town, rock you like you know you need to be rocked and kick all sorts of ass along the way, with brief tours with Spoon and Trail of Dead to prove it. Their records sound like what could've happened if Thin Lizzy had gotten high with the Cars while listening to Cheap Trick. Those Peabodys' live show could teach lamo bands like "The Crimes" and "The Heaves" what it means to rock, in the true sense of the word.