Label: Polyvinyl Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Audible began in early 2000 as the solo musical indulgence of Mike Kennedy. While toiling away behind the drumset for various well-known Philadelphia bands (Lefty's Deceiver, Mesmer), Mike began sketching out "songs" on a four track, using a borrowed sm57 and a five dollar guitar. Audible was the name he wrote on the tape cases, reason unknown. It had something to do with football.

After agreeing to fill a last minute opening slot at a local club (despite never having sung in public before), Mike implored his roommate and then-girlfriend Mary Garito to do the following things: help him finish the songs, sing backup, play the Casio sk-1 and egg shaker. She agreed. Their first show was opening for Bright Eyes.

It worked. Over the next year, Audible performed whenever Mike's other bands weren't, opening for Eltro, Mazarin, and Momus, among others. Mike's songs eventually outgrew the duo format, and hence his childhood friend Jim Kehoe joined as a second guitarist. Cool.

A year later Mike and Jim joined the emerging Philly band matt pond PA and went on tour for about two years, effectively putting Audible on hold. Oh, and then Mike and Mary broke up. None of this stopped the band. Whenever Mike wasn't playing drums with Matt Pond he was recording songs with Mary and Jim using ProTools and a borrowed ksm44. Some of these seminal recordings were released as Opening Acts and Great Surprises, a split EP with songwriter Adam Arcuragi. More of these songs were released in October 2004 on Sidetrack Stars, another split with good friends The Swivel Chairs.

In 2003, Mike and Jim parted ways with matt pond PA and turned their attention to Audible. Deciding it was time to become a full-fledged band, they added Lefty's Deceiver bassist Kris Muller to the lineup. Along with guest-star drummer Sean Byrne (Mazarin, Twin Atlas, BC Camplight), the group recorded its first proper full-length in apartments all over Philly and Brian McTear's Miner Street Studios.

The final piece of the puzzle was located in the short summer of 2004,when drummer Steve Cawley walked through the band's garage door and promptly played every song on the record note-for note. Also, he brought with a six-pack, and was awarded bonus points for this. His first show with the band was in July 2004, opening for matt pond PA. Small town.