Mia Doi Todd
Mia Doi Todd
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Mia Doi Todd is from Los Angeles. She has released four albums of her own genre-defying music. The first three, The Ewe and the Eye (1997), Come Out Of Your Mine (1999), And Zeroone (2001) were solo acoustic recordings. Her last album, The Golden State on Columbia Records (2002), was produced by Mitchell Froom and explored a wider sonic landscape. Mia has also collaborated with many rock/electronica/hip-hop musicians, contributing her unique voice to the tunes of Dntel, Beachwood Sparks, DJ Nobody, Adventure Time, Frausdots, Folk Implosion, The Mission, Saul Williams, Prefuse 73 and more.

On Manzanita, Mia is accompanied by many friends from the indie rock community in L.A. and beyond. Members of Beachwood Sparks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Future Pigeon, The Tyde, and Dead Meadow helped bring to life a classic collection of songs.