Label: Kanpai
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Appogee is a familiar name in the southern California scene where he has performed alongside the likes of Dntel (The Postal Service), Planktonman (Nortec Collective), and The Mutaytor. He is a highly skilled composer/producer with almost a decade of studio experience, working in both professional music recording and post-production facilities. A combination of song, synthesis and sound, Appogee pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration and deftly combines the art of songwriting with forward thinking musical collages. Avant-garde electronic artistry at its finest, Unconscious Ruckus captivates audiences with its beautiful display of chaotic rhythms and blissful melodies. Organic, human subtleties intertwine with sophisticated programming and composition, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound that keeps Appogeeā€™s fan base growing.

Born in Houston, Texas, in his early teens he found an outlet by playing guitar and embracing the technical side of music recording. As his musical talents grew and passion became obsession, he obtained a scholarship to Texas State University where he earned a B.A. in Sound Recording Technology and a minor in music. Real-life experience playing in bands, working in recording studios and producing local acts honed his abilities and confirmed his direction. Soon, there was no choice but to head to LA to make music his career.

During the last several years on the west coast, Appogee has already had a very successful solo career, helping to score two feature films, including The Mothman Prophecies, and Rules of Attraction and helping to produce local acts as well as countless television commercials including Sprint (2004 Summer Olympics), Hummer H2, Dell, Cadillac, Dove, Burger King, Target, Bud Light and more.