Deep Thinkers
Deep Thinkers
Label: Coup De Grace
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Known for instilling critical consciousness brought to all oppressed people through sound. Constantly recreating the boundaries of traditional hip hop and bringing lyrics of thought. Aaron Sutton, aka Brother of Moses and Kyle Dykes, aka Leonard D. Stroy, have both played essential roles in the developing Kansas City and Midwest Hip-Hop scene. When the two met in middle school, they discovered a common devotion to the music.

From there, they spent years tagging and breaking together. Bro of Mo and Lenny D. first musically collaborated in Seven Fold Symphony, a live hip-hop group that also included Approach (now signed to Coup d'Etat). In 2002, side projects aside, the dynamic duo formed Deep Thinkers.

Sutton derived Brother of Moses from the biblical story of Aaron, who spoke words of wisdom for the stuttering Moses. Sutton professes, "I'm like the news reporter. If you live in Kansas City, you'd be able to understand the dynamic and the segregation. That's why I'm the Brother of Moses... the spokesman, because I see all of this stuff and I get to put it down." The name Leonard D. Stroy describes Dykes' abilities on the turntables.

True to their name, the Deep Thinkers choose to speak of poverty, empowerment, domestic abuse, and non-party-related politics. Tired of the stale, repetitive, mass produced hip-hop, Deep Thinkers step up the game and rock the stage, sure to make "Necks Move."