Puna Syndicate
Puna Syndicate
Label: rx-tx
Genre: Experimental / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Puna Syndicate - a new force on the Slovenian experimental electronic scene - are Miha Klemencic (also of Random Logic) and Tomaz Sustar (who under themoniker Jadviga has released the album Nonim for rx:tx label). Their process involves randomly collecting samples from old vinyl records and re-defining them within the context of old school funk and hip-hop. They make their own contribution to the enrichment of what can be understood as »instrumental hip-hop«. They call it move or die...!

Puna Syndicate's recent live appearances include appearances at festival Recountres Sources Ouvertes (Tours / France), festival Exit (Novi Sad / Serbia), festival ISEA 2004 in Helsinki and live acts as part of multimedia performance Signal-Sever! of Projekt Atol (Futuresonic festival / Manchester, Vienna’s Karlsplatz, La Batie/ Geneve, Nuit Blanche / Paris).

Puna Syndicate debut album release is scheduled to be released in the Fall 2005 on rx:tx label .