Feller Quentin
Feller Quentin
Label: Echelon Productions
Genre: Rock / Folk
Online: Artist Website


b. 1935 Syracuse, NY
d. 1968 San Francisco, CA

Enjoyed watching some of the first televised sports, and could foresee a surrealist revolution in British music in the very late 1960's-early 1970's. Cause of death, excessive loss of blood, July 19th, 1968 at San Quentin Federal Penitentary. Attempted to escape, but of all his body parts, only his penis survived—and not even really, because the penis was actually still inside the prison serving a life sentence, while this idiot was rolling around painting the prison yard red and screaming like a goddamn witch. Listed as John Doe, until a close relation appeared with documents in which a federal judge said, "blah, blah, blah," and the relative said, "he sure was an ass, huh?" Then for some reason they changed his name to Feller Quentin. Somewhere there is a painting of him in his baseball uniform.