Eyeball Skeleton
Eyeball Skeleton
Label: My Pal God Records
Genre: Rock / Electronic
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Are you ready for the transdemographic lo-fi of Mayo Elementary School's most popular band?

Maryland's Eyeball Skeleton are eight-year old JJ Brown, ten-year old Charlie Brown and their Dad. The band met at a hospital in the mid-1990s. Eyeball Skeleton's debut album "#1" collects all four of the band's hit singles ("Eyeball Skeleton," "Flat Top Vampire," "The Bouncing Apes" and "The Smoking Turtle.") previously available as self-released CD-Rs.

ays Dad: "The record documents an era in the lives of my sons. They love cartoons, art, books, animals and spooky stuff. They also have a great respect for the absurd, as do I. The main topic is fun and having it." Each song begins with an image and title drawn by JJ or Charlie. JJ and Charlie write down ideas and lines for the lyrics, then work with Dad over waffles and coffee to organize the lyrics to fit their music. The end result is a timeless album of infectious pop music sure to bring a smile to your face.

In case you were curious, when they grow up Charlie wants to be a judge or a pro skateboarder. JJ would like to be a guitar player or an artist. For now, they're Eyeball Skeleton.

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