Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh
Label: Interchill records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Adham Shaikh is an artist, film composer, sound designer, remixer, producer ,Dj and now also a dad based in British Columbia, Canada. He has been involved in the music scene for the past 17 years, has performed at festivals around the world whilst recording in his mobile studio called the Sonicturtle.

His work has born fruit in the form of four solo albums; Realignment, Journey to the Sun, Essence and Fusion, as well as a full length entitled Drift with guitarist and instrumentalist Tim Floyd from the world fusion project Ekko. Recently he been involved in a project called Dubsoniq which is currently gaining momentum and vibe. His live shows are an amazing experience with frequent guest musicains and he plays all over the world, notably in Japan where he has a huge following.