The Plastic Fantastics
Label: DNA-Productions
Genre: Rock
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Ione: Seemingly void of any true human emotions in real life, all his compassion and madness is exhausted into his music. At once a blessing and a curse, both protecting and being consumed by his creations,he treats his songs like children... he even names them! Ione's silent sarcasm keeps the less-brave at a distance. They believe he must be harboring some dark secret...

The Penguin: His performances in person with the group are rare. His personality is so repellent, it's safer he stay away... for the sake of impressionable young minds who might not be prepared to cope with such a specimen.

Yuval: Who has Yuval not recorded with? A master studio demon and wild performer-a guitar-god who knows a lot about pain and pleasure. He makes guitar playing look so easy he's probably helped sell more guitars than Sam Ash! Zero One: More like an android servant designed for the junkies to abuse and use-but also designed to kill, Zero half lives to travel the real and cyber-worlds, gathering samples-ions of noise-for the listeners he serves. Rarely, if ever, seen live... but that's all for the best... don't get too close.

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The Plastic Fantastics
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