Crystal Skulls
Crystal Skulls
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Introducing the highly anticipated debut of smart and stylish indie-pop from Seattle's heavily buzzing Crystal Skulls. Built on the strikingly mature singing and songwriting of frontman Christian Wargo and filled out by the dead-on instincts of his band, the Skulls deliver a wholly satisfying batch of songs undeniably refreshing yet immediately familiar.

Not content to pick a particular decade or sound for emulation, Blocked Numbers pulls from hidden gems of 70s power-pop underdogs (the Motors, the Nerves, etc.) and integrates those impulses with the winning aspects of heavy-hitters past and present such as Spoon, the Smiths, and Steely Dan. The impressive debut of Crystal Skulls is a fine addition to the modern musical landscape, equal parts clever and clear where humor and fun play side-by-side with sentiment and honesty. A hint of outsider jazz, a bite of George Harrison’s guitar, a nip at Stereolab’s rhythms, and the full package mounts up to a true pop pleasure with enough meat to keep you well fed for decades to come.