DJ Enso & Louis
DJ Enso & Louis
Label: Solos Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Enso is terrified of the permanent, the unretractable. He's terrified of goodbyes forever. So much of what he does seems to somehow be a response to this... and on his better days, an embrace of this. It's all he can do to scream his terror full-throated, just as one screams on a rollercoaster or running across a bridge in a thunderstorm. It's all he can do to scream I love you to an empty room, I love you to the image of his lying corpse, still, I love you to the past and the future, all the while clutching the guard rail with white knuckles.

Sometimes it comes to him in the 4am twilight with the headphones on in the basement, with butterfly movements out of the corners of his vision... and then sounds of deer rummaging outside the window... and then rodent scampers within the walls...