Yasunao Tone
Label: Asphodel
Genre: Experimental / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Yasunao Tone's near-half century's worth of work links contemporary electronic music with the historical avant-garde. One of the founding members of Japan's Fluxus Movement and an early associate of Yoko Ono and the late John Cage, 67 year-old New York resident Yasunao Tone has been composing experimental sound pieces since the early 1960s. A member of Japan's first computer art group, Team Random, who programmed Univac mainframes to perform Tone's own compositions, Tone has maintained a lifelong fascination with manipulating technology for his own musical ends.

Tone's first composition using CD players, the appropriately titled, "Music for 2 CD Players," made its NEA-sponsored debut in 1982. Not long thereafter, Tone began composing pieces based on overriding the error-correction systems of consumer CD players in order to generate new strings of random digital sound. A pioneer in the use of prepared CDs, Tone first scratched his own self-described "wounded" scotch tape and pinhole-punctured compact disc in 1985.