Great Day Coming


Great Day Coming is Glenn Larkin and Thomas EL. Thomas and Glenn met at a light sculpture exhibit at a basement gallery in Levittown, NY. Glenn accidentally spilled a drink on Tom's trousers (velour as glenn likes to recall) and after a sincere apology, a round of drinks and an offer to launder the aforementioned pants, the two enjoyed a night of discussion on music, salt water aquariums and electricity.

At the end of the night they shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and did not see each other again until they met by chance at an academic forum on the mathematics of sound at the Hamilton Fish Park Library in NYC. They formed a friendship and started a creative partnership which lasted through several years and several name variations, until they finally formed Great Day Coming.

Glenn and Thomas mix traditional instruments with electronics to perform all of the sounds in their home studio themselves. Their live shows are sometimes comprised of just the two of them, sometimes a third member, and sometimes up to ten people.

Thomas lives in Brooklyn, NY. Glenn lives in Queens.