El Oso
El Oso
Label: Contraphonic
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Milwaukee's El Oso is not quite the lumbering bunch one would assume from their name. Taking cues from the most divergent elements of pop, El Oso weave together simple, stark melodies with a tinkling, underlying gurgle of experimentation. The result is a carnival love affair of instruments, from the evocative guitar lines and expressive vocals to the perfect implementation of electronics and beats. Crafting ambiences as much as writing songs, El Oso are a sophisticated lot, spanning the spectrum of anthem-leaning pop gems to lush balladry.

Assembling in late 2003 from the ashes of groups such as Twinstar, Radio Tokyo and Mariner, the members of El Oso shed their punk and hardcore skins and began to focus fully on the intricacies of songcraft and detail. The result takes its form in the meticulous arrangements that undercut each track, and the attention they've devoted to their work has deservedly worked in reciprocal action. Having attracted a loyal fan base throughout the Midwest already, El Oso have shared the stage with bands such as Troubled Hubble, Travis Morrison, Rocky Votalato, J Church, Decibully, and Since By Man, stealing more hearts with each successive performance.