reMo Conscious
reMo Conscious
Label: Soul Cipher Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Rising from Oakland, California, this golden-era inspired hip-hop artist has refused to bow down to the corporate slave traders dominating todays music business, choosing instead to embrace hip-hop as a lifestyle rather than just a commercial commodity. This gifted lyricist and producer knows how to move the crowd while speaking truths about extremely controversial political and social issues, and has opened for such acclaimed acts as dead prez and The Coup.

A single father since age 17, reMo has been no stranger to struggle. Raised in a dysfunctional home, he was surrounded by alcoholism, drug abuse, and violence. After the fatal drug overdose of his 22 year-old sister, the shy recluse turned to music for escape and refuge from the unfortunate circumstances of home life. His first demo tapes where produced modestly, with nothing more than two tape decks and his own beat-boxing as backing tracks.

In 2003, reMo created his own record label named Soul Cipher Records, on a shoe string budget, and dropped the hard hitting anti-Bush, pre-Iraq invasion 12' single Down to the Wire backed with Let Me Live. These songs harshly criticized the Bush regime, police corruption, and U.S. imperialism, and quickly gained world-wide attention.

His recent release of a six song EP entitled Thought Criminal-Journal of a Serial Thinker, includes production from long-time friend, MC and Producer, Donnan Linkz (Uncle Howie Records/Embedded Music), and further reveals the creative stamina and genius of this multitalented artist.

Coming from humble beginnings, and with modest means, reMo has hit his stride. From his modest studio in Oakland, California he continues to perfect his craft, bring his musical visions to life, and create powerful and truthful music for the heart, mind and soul.