Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon
Label: Blue Bell Records
Genre: Electronic / Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Fresh off their first U.S. tour, Blue Ribbon are now writing material for a follow up to this year's Another Time and will continue to play some East Coast shows through the summer.

Although the current line up of Blue Ribbon has been together for just over a year, Steve and Jon started writing together in 1997 under the name, "How to Draw Robotech." After experimenting with a Jupiter 6 being triggered by a 707 drum machine, Blue Ribbon was founded in 2001. The band went through various member changes, intermittent practices / shows, and a few compilation appearances before dissolving in 2003. The current line up came to be after moving back to Providence, RI in 2004 and recruiting Jesse Carter for keyboard duties and Bryan Robertson for bass guitar.

The band's live set up consists of a hybrid drum set (half electronic triggers / half acoustic drums), live bass guitar, a small arsenal of synths, and two vocals. They use no pre-programmed parts, choosing to play everything live.