Mind Capsule
Label: Sadowski
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Mind Capsule is the latest studio offering from Robert Sadowski, a guitarist and composer best known to NYC audiences for his work with Zenen and Brother Mustard. Initially conceived as a refuge from the demands of his collaborations, sessions and soundtrack work, Mind Capsule has since evolved into a full-time recording and touring project whose creative reach extends far beyond the barriers of any single genre, style or scene to forge a musical identity that is as respectful of its influences as it is singular and unique. The music is dark, meditative and exploratory; minor key drones, filtered-down beats and subtly shifting delays establish recurring themes of melancholy, panic, euphoria and grace, while the sparse, elegant phrasing and melodic interplay between instruments keeps things in a constant state of flux. Though Robert handled all the instrumentation and a good deal of the production responsibilities, the seven instrumental tracks on Mind Capsuleā€™s self-titled debut CD were conceived and executed as band pieces, with each instrument given its own distinct voice and each song given its own character and tone.