Label: Carpark Records
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Montag, Antoine Bédard's alter ego (from Montreal), is one of the most promising musicians of the Canadian electronic music scene. His first album, entitled Are you a Friend?, was released on Gooom Disques (M83, Cyann & Ben, Abstrackt Keal Agram) in 2002 - an album of memories expressed through a discreet and deeply nostalgic sound where analog pop meets digital technology. With Alone, not alone, Montag goes further in his exploration of themes such as memory but with more confidence this time. His music is just as intimate and personal but with more emphasis on acoustic sounds which bring more richness to his musical universe than ever. As a kind of orchestra-man, Montag offers short compositions with a micro-symphonic feel and a fundamentally emotional dimension. His music has seduced M83, resulting in their first collaboration on Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts. Antoine has also recently completed string arrangements for their forthcoming album.

In 2003, Antoine released an EP on UK 's Aï records, toured Canada twice, played live in France and was invited to perform at Montreal 's prestigious Mutek Festival. His live performances also include opening for bands such as Broadcast, Lali Puna, Hood, Stars and Momus.