Battery Operated + Made
Battery Operated + Made
Label: Domino Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The third full-length album by Battery Operated sees them team up with fellow Mancunian maestro of all things electro, 'made'. Fresh from his stint at 'All Tomorrow's Parties', which was curated by his old workmates Autechre ('made' being part of the 'Gescom' crew), 'made' now shows what he can do over a collaborative full length. Its the first time he has done an album, having previously released 12’s on the Skam label. Battery Operated have produced two albums (both sold out) before on C0C0S0L1DC1T1 in the shape of Vecuum and Chases Through Non-Place and the marriage of bastardized electro with wide ranging influences from hip-hop to musique concrete to lounge music is again evident here. If Andy Weatherall and Hildegard Westerkamp had ever gotten it on, this is what the soundtrack might have been to the birthing of their electro creature…