Airborn Audio
Airborn Audio
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Having spent the past year and a half in the studio and honing their craft, M.Sayyid and High Priest of Antipop Consortium have re-emerged as Airborn Audio. "It's almost like we went to trade school," Priest says when describing the hiatus. M.Sayyid adds, "besides revamping the way we work as a unit, we've enhanced relationships with our equipment."

Back with a change of address (Airborn Audio) and a renewed focus, M.Sayyid and High Priest present Good Fortune, coming out in North America this February on Ninja Tune Records.

The two have maintained a relatively low profile since the disbanding of Anti Pop Consortium. M Sayyid appeared as a guest on MF Dooms/Viktor Vaughn. Both High Priest and M Sayyid have released solo 12"s on Sound INK records and appeared as Airborn Audio on Aceyalone's Love & Hate.