Label: BassLine Xcursions
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Malkovich first brought his concise, precise rhyme style to disc as part of Gershwin BLX, the infamous L.A. hip hop crew he co-founded in 1995. Collectively pumping out the underground classics, Vocabudrab Sessions 96-97, Sunch Punch and Veganz Want Beef. To date, G.B.L.X has performed all over America, Europe, Japan and Mexico opening for the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, The Alkaholics, Hieroglyphics, and Living Legends to name just a handful. Crag is also part of the Halifax All-Stars, a loose-knit Los Angeles-based collective and has appeared on a slew of albums, 12"'s and mixtapes. Fans of versatile, volatile hip hop music are advised to keep a close ear on the future movements of Malkovich Music.