nedelle and thom
nedelle and thom
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Rock / Folk
Online: Artist Website


Bacharach and David. Goffin and King. Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry. When it comes to sublime, three-minute pop songs, the '60s hit-making teams of the Brill Building remain the reigning standard. It was with the enduring catalogs of these greats in mind that Nedelle Torrisi and Thom Moore – better known as simply Nedelle and Thom – crafted their collaborative debut, Summerland. "We're both huge fans of Burt Bacharach, and '60s girl groups and girl singers in general," explains Nedelle. "And we wanted the album to have that feel. That was the principle that tied it all together: What would Dionne Warwick do?" "I have been listening to '60s female singers for about seven years now," concurs Thom, citing Warwick, Jackie DeShannon, Petula Clark, and Dusty Springfield – "all of whom sang songs written by Mr. Bacharach" – among his favorites. "When Nedelle and I first met, I made her a cassette of Bacharach rarities, and our friendship, and musical partnership, is very much informed by that sound."