Saul Williams
Saul Williams
Label: faderlabel
Genre: Experimental / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


The past decade has seen Saul Williams emerge as one of the world's most recognized poets as well as a rising actor and a highly acclaimed musician. In the music world, Saul made noise with some tracks in the mid to late 90's on the Eargasm and Lyricist Lounge compilations, to name a few. The songs he released during this time period were grounded in hip-hop but were a far cry from the traditional rap that was gaining popularity at the time. He released 2001's Amethyst Rockstar, which was co-produced by Rick Rubin and won him critical acclaim all over the world (The Times of London named it best album of the year), leading to him touring with Blackalicious, Cursive and The Mars Volta. Which brings us to his latest album, simply titled 'Saul Williams'. In Saul's own words, "the tracks range from politics to relationships and the politics of relationships. What I ended up with was something that captured the authoritative cool of hip- hop, the playful angst of rock and roll, the raw emotional torment of emo (and, my favorite, "screamo"), and the fuck offness of punk."

"Musically, if I had to categorize the album, I think I'd call it industrial punk-hop, as is best exemplified in the song Grippo. I did most of the music myself. The cool thing about recording before there was an actual deal in place was the fact that most songs simply started as experiments done in my free time with absolutely no pressure to anyone. I was the only one whose head nod determined the fate of a song. Oh, and of course, yours too…"