Cuti Sadda
Label: Daly City Records
Genre: Electronic / Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Hailing from the City of the Dead (Colma, CA), Cuti-Sadda brings new meaning to the words "JIGGY" and "DEATH". One part N.E.R.D./Neptunes and 3 parts Art Bears, Entombed, and Sean Paul, Cuti-Sadda brings grinds and blasts to new founded progressive jiggy rap beats. (Track 4) "Poppin Them Thangz in 18/4" showcases that Death Metal can be both experimental as well as extremely bloody. Ethnically diverse, the Capoeira infused Berimbau Beatdown is like Dying Fetus meets a MoshPit Roda. Be sure to not forget (Track 1) "Pentagrams all up in your Bling Bling's," where syncopated bumping Crunk beats are intertwined with growls and screams of decadence and the afterlife. Ragga RudeBoy GrindCore (Track 3) "Dance Hall of Death" makes you want to "Pon De River" all the way to the "The Codex Necro." Humanity is a Cancer and Submission is for the Weak, but Pentagrams and Bling Blings are forever!