Neutral Mute
Neutral Mute
Label: Run-Roc
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


ROC-SAC is the debut EP by Neutral Mute, aka D. McNany. Ranging from restless electronic punk to twitchy insomniac dub, the EP packs an alarming amount of nervous energy into its 14 minute duration. Frenetic rave-ups "Doo Right" and "Puls-Sac" set the pace, but "No No No" is the highlight. The song bears a slight resemblance to Faust's classic Krautrock ballad "Jennifer," but with an insistent, thumping one-note bass line which gives the song a manic gone-off-its-meds edge.

Neutral Mute comes to life on stage as a power trio courtesy of revolving members of the Run-Roc family which include Gerhardt Fuchs (Turing Machine) and Lance Carter (Bill Laswell/Sonny Sharrock) on drums.

This is Neutral Mute and Run-Roc's first record to be issued digitally, which is appropriate given that Neutral Mute's first 7" was the inaugural release on the label back in 2002. Since then, Run-Roc has emerged as Manhattan's most promising new label. []

Run-Roc is operated by D. McNany and DaveZero. Currently recording demos for the Rapture’s new album, Run-Roc’s recent production work includes SKISM’s Virus EP and fourthcoming Run-Roc release for 90’s cult luminary Jonathan Vance.