Label: Crucial Blast
Genre: Electronic / Rock
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Formerly a fire-breathing, art-damaged powerviolence outfit from New Jersey that released a handful of EPs, split 7"s, and compilation tracks in the mid 1990's, SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM has spent the past couple of years reconfiguring itself into a noisy, surreal, utterly catchy grindpop seizure that has culminated in their debut full length, Alpha Males & Popular Girls, for Crucial Blast Records, which will hit stores on November 8th, 2005.

On their debut full length Alpha Males & Popular Girls, SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM complete their metamorphosis from purveyors of mid-90's art-damaged powerviolence to modern blastpop visionaries. Sugarcoated and venomous, these ten songs marry monstrous metallic riffing and surreal, swirling pop seizures to cyclones of gasoline-soaked noise skronk, chaotic tech-hardcore, and arena-sized rock blowouts that are fronted with utter sass and ferocity courtesy of frontwoman Libby Schaub. Alpha Males is a boldly imaginative debut, chock full of infectious hooks and crazed heaviness that references BLONDIE, grindcore and pulverizing metalcore, neon-hued dance punk, gleaming melodic bliss, and mutant NY noise-rock anthems all in the same breath.

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