Label: Reality Check Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Brooklyn born, Nuyorican bred, U.S. embodies the unorthodox spit that has characterized the evolution of nuyo-poetry and underground hip-hop in New York City. An acronym standing for a variety of things (Uncomfortably Sexy, Under Surveillance, Unabomber Suspect, Unprotected Sex, Uncircumcised Samson), U.S. is an emcee who strives to represent us. An amalgamation of spiritual, political, funny and romantic, like us, U.S.’s music seeks to reach the core of what it means to be human. It is “empowerment music” that blurs the line between the politically correct and the real, the sacred and profane. His first full-length album, Consider This A Heart Attack, is a lyrical tour de force that sincerely exposes a young man’s spiritual journey, struggles, frustrations, and love, while boasting his extremely acute poetic sensibilities. U.S.’s “Heart Attack” is creative speech at the highest level - mixing Spanish, raw similes, and raucous hooks amidst an arsenal of literary devices and patterns that take rhyming to the next level.

Along with elevated lyricism, U.S.’s live shows have rocked crowds from NYC to Boulder, CO. Opening for acts like Biz Markie, Ghostface, The Beatnuts and Non-Phixion, U.S. is an emcee to look for, a beacon to the suffering hip-hop scene, with an uncompromised approach to attacking the heart, communing with God, and representing us.