Dead Low Tide
Dead Low Tide
Label: Tiger Style Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Dead Low Tide consists of X-Enemymine, godheadSilo Bass Man & Vocalist, Mike Kunka and X-Murder City Devils frontman Spencer Moody, Drummer Coady Willis, Guitarist Nate Manny and Roadie Extraordinaire, Gabe. Dead Low Tide was formed in a Port Angeles, WA Horse Stable in December 2001. Out of the ashes of Pacific Northwest Powerhouses, GodheadSilo, Enemymine and Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide was born. The culmination of the artist’s experience, talent and ferocity results in a walloping sound, unequaled in today’s music scene. The rumors and legends about the infamous eight string bass that Mike Kunka slathers on unsuspecting audiences and the already firm and steady fan base established by the Murder City Devils workhorse mentality and rockstar level of performances set tongues a waggling as news of the musical merger surfaced. As critics and audience’s chimed in following the first live performances, it became apparent that expectations were only surpassed. The sum proved to be greater than it’s parts. Dead Low Tide delivers.