Jennifer Gentle
Label: Sub Pop Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Jennifer Gentle comes from Padova, a foggy city in Northern Italy, not so far from Venice. She was born in early 2000 and her short life has been both quiet and tumultuous, at the same time. Actually, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl, but a band formed by two guys: Marco Fasolo, 23, who sings and plays guitar, and Alessio Gastaldello, 30, thinking drummer.

Everything started with Carcers, Marco’s previous band, a highly volatile teen combo propelled by a mix of sheer enthusiasm and chaotic attitude that quickly drove them nowhere. In 1999, a rather disappointed Marco left the group, dropped out of school and moved to Berlin. By day he worked 12-hour shifts as an ice cream man and at night he bothered his flatmates writing songs and fantasizing about a new band. When he came back, a fortuitous meeting with Alessio, already a Carcers fan, gave birth to Jennifer Gentle. From the start, they set themselves apart from a national scene mostly devoted to the worship of ‘90s post-rock icons. Their long-term fascination with Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators and Joe Meek production techniques was at odds with local trends and looked definitely uncool in a world where June of 44 was king. Nevertheless Jennifer Gentle started immediately cooking their own brand of psychedelia – an almost impossible-to-describe melting pot of whacked experimentation, deep fried eccentricity and acoustic beauty. Recording in a basement with primitive gear, the band (at this point augmented by Isacco Maretto on guitar, and Nicola Crivellari on bass) quickly sketched a bunch of songs for their first, self-released album titled I Am You Are. Critics loved it, but audiences were mostly puzzled by its quirky content. Naturally, the band showed absolutely no interest in watering down their approach. Stubborn or simply idiotic, the Jennifers kept beating their own path. The second, still home-recorded, album Funny Creatures Lane was an even more excessive affair: a colorful, hallucinated phantasmagoria bubbling with ideas and unpredictable noises. Someone noticed it: people from other countries, sometimes even from other continents, asked and wrote about it. Radio stations in New York, Paris and Belgrade played it. The band slowly started building a kind of fan-base, especially in the US and Great Britain, where their wigged-out musical offerings found more sympathetic audiences and won appreciation by fellow musicians like Oneida, Acid Mothers Temple, Sun City Girls and Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes (strange, but true). They toured and recorded with Acid Mothers Temple’s Kawabata Makoto and cut a session at WFMU. When Nicola left the band, Paolo Mioni (on bass & guitar) and Liviano Mos (keyboards) stepped in to fill out the Jennifer Gentle live show.

In February 2004 Jennifer Gentle became the first Italian band ever to sign with Sub Pop Records. Suddenly, they became semi-popular in their own neighborhood. Strangely, this brought the band full circle: back in 1998, a 16-year old Marco Fasolo had sent a comically badly recorded demo tape to a certain Seattle label...