Label: Lex Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website



My name is Andrew Broder. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a project called Fog which is on Ninja Tune (and Lex Records). I have made music my entire life, it is the only thing which I really feel that I am really good at. I play turntables, piano, guitar, words, drums, drum machines, knobs, bells, whistles, bass, trumpet, kitchen sink, chopsticks, feather duster, chewing gum not all necessarily well or in that order of preference. My music is often autobiographical but hopefully universal. Personal, but hopefully not too self-centered. My favorite color is red, though these days I have come to appreciate the equal importance of blue and its role in my life. I am a Leo, so I guess this means I need lots of attention and praise but I am also very loving and loyal. You could say, however, that I am still "on the fence" as it were on the subject of astrology. When Fog plays live, I have an outstanding band that is my primary musical inspiration. They are: Mark Erickson, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Martin Dosh and Mike Lewis. I am 24 years old. I have a girlfriend named Julie who owns a record store, and I use records that I get there to make music with. I am in love with her. I have friends called Anticon, they are from Oakland and they inspire me in life and in art. I enjoy the music of Anticon, Albert Ayler, Idaho, Charles Mingus, Eric B and Rakim, Stars of the Lid, Scientist, Centipede, Claude Debussy and many others. I enjoy music. I enjoy coffee, though I think I gotta cut down on that shit. Lots of times I am embarrassed to be an American. These days I try to see music as not only a means of escape, but also a means of communication, both overt and psychic. I try to push boundaries without letting that make me cynical.

That's all I got for now.