Jump Cut
Label: JumpCut
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Jump/Cut covers a lot of sonic territory built on the electronica aesthetic while moving their vibe towards organic sound creation with vibrant effects and eclectic samples. their "organic electronica" melds a continuum spanning styles from drum n' bass, downtempo, breakbeat, ambient, dub, trip-hop and even modern jazz compositional ideas. the goal is to ignite live elements of electronica music that are usually lost in a robotic technical execution by creating interactive melodic atmospheres, deep oscillating bass lines and pulsating backbeat drums.

Jump/Cut synthesizes a bent sonic mayhem from the rapid-fire polyrhythms of drum n' bass, shapeshifting textures of ambient soundscapes, and hypnotic trip-hop groove impulses. using "live" drums, bass, guitar synth, vibraphone & dj they create a neo-electronica full sensory alternative for dance floor victims that flows naturally and unobtrusively into all corners of the room.