Edie Sedgwick
Edie Sedgwick
Label: Desoto Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Perhaps you've heard the name: after all, Edie was a Sixties It-girl, Warhol hanger-on, Dylan muse, and all-around drug-addicted poor-little-rich girl. Sadly, she OD'ed in 1971, leaving Spaceship Earth without the benefit of her general vacuousness. Happily, she was reborn at the dawn of the new millennium within the body of Justin Moyer (alumnus of the Dischord bands El Guapo and Antelope). The purpose behind her reincarnation? The only relevant activity available to an artist seeking stability on our era's shifting sands: TO SING SONGS ABOUT CELEBRITIES!

But why? Why sing songs about Molly Ringwald and Tom Hanks? Because Edie Sedgwick knows the world is tired of both meaning and its absence. Because Edie is equally sick of activist anthems and insipid, I-inspired irony. Because Edie offers a Third Way: the substantial song about the substanceless celebrity. Edie does not serve a lame political cause du jour, but serves and cares for Sigourney Weaver and Arnold Schwarzenegger the way Woody Guthrie felt for Sacco and Vanzetti or John Lennon felt we should "Give Peace a Chance." For this is what Edie is: the beautiful blank; the long-legged, saucer-eyed savant that is nothing but her culture's mirror; an eloquent ghost in the machine. She is the Campbell's soup can of the Britney Spears decade. She is both modern and post-modern. She is the then, the now, and the "to-come." Edie is the water we drink, the air we breathe. Edie is the neurotransmitters firing our synapses and the iron in our blood. Edie, quite simply, is everything and, even more simply, Edie IS, as we all are, AS WE ALL SHOULD BE.

Oh, and the music ... the sweet music! The beautiful electronic beats of Le Tigre and Suicide filtered through the punk of Black Flag. The smart posing of the Make-Up meeting avant swagger of Philip Glass and the ass-shaking rhythms of Afrika Bambaataa. Edie is Neil Hamburger spliced with Madonna fucking Cher fronting Destiny's Child on Fela Kuti's acid trip. All this and, as she has proven in East Coast and Midwest shows with the Rapture and Weird War, she can dance in gigantic platform shoes!!!

Now, more than ever, the world needs Edie Sedgwick. Now, more than ever, Edie Sedgwick is ready for the world. Edie will sacrifice anything in the name of Lucy Liu and Martin Sheen. She will shake both tits and moneymaker for Tim Robbins and Haley Joel Osment. She is Edie Sedgwick, reporting for duty.