Telephone Jim Jesus
Telephone Jim Jesus
Label: Anticon
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


George Chadwick was born in the small town of New London, New Hampshire, where he would later inevitably be drawn to the two other kids in town with similar artistic appreciations, passage and the bomarr monk. At age 12 Chadwick scammed regular guitar lessons from his childhood friend whose parents were willing to shell out the big bucks for lessons. Together the two of them would later form their first band, PROB ("Pixies Rip Off Band", with a line over the O). However it wasn't until his teenage years that he would fatefully re meet the other two would-be members of restiform bodies, passage (David Bryant) and the bomarr monk (Matt Valerio). Chadwick reacquainted himself by way of Valerio's vast collecton of "underground tapes." Meanwhile, he bonded with Bryant in a failed attempt at reading the bible in order to out wit the religious zealots. Before long, with Chadwick on guitar, Valerio on drums and Bryant on vocals, the trio formed the hardcore band, Unfit. Eventually, Unfit dissolved and the group started experi-menting with electronic equipment and hip hop, which led to the formation of restiform bodies. An essential element in the group, telephonejimjesus is relied upon for much of the group's melodies, effects, distortion and texture, as well as more organic elements, such as bass and guitar. While not recording or performing with passage or restiform bodies, Chadwick amassed a solo instru-mental debut titled A Point Too Far To Astronaut , as well as continuously working on production for sole's upcoming album.

telephonejimjesus co-produced the restiform bodies self titled debut (6months), Sun Hop Flat (self-release) and the Newbliette LP (Subversive). He produced two tracks on sole's selling live water (anticon), including the stand out, opening track "the baddest poet." He co-remixed Smyglyssna's "Tea with Angela" with the bomarr monk, which appeared on the We Can Fix It Remixes (Vertical Form). He lent a hand in the recording of three tracks on passage's debut the force field kids (anticon), including "Old Aunt Mary," "Suffragrette" and "Pail of Air." He also made several appearances on sole's mansbestfriend record (morr music). More recently, he assisted alias on a track for the upcoming alias & tarsier record (anticon).